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Researchers Work To Find Ways To Manipulate Memory

Manipulating memory is a controversial scientific research. Often people raise question if this kind of study is required and what can be achieved with this research.

Memories help a person grow. These help build the personality of a human being. While positive memories are assets for rest of the life, negative memories can bring permanent damage. Sometimes negative memories can help people learn from their past experiences. For example, if someone faces a burn due to spilling of boiling water, next time he/ she will be more careful.  However, there are memories which create trauma in the brain. These can lead to lifelong stress and depression. This kind of memory is also responsible for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The memory study involves formation of cells, recall and forgetting power of the brain. Research in this field is generally conducted by neurologists, psychologists and researchers of humanities. They informed much is to be unraveled in this domain. While this research is an ongoing mission amongst the scientists, they have also started investigating ways in which the memory can be manipulated. They are trying to find ways to eliminate traumatic or negative memories completely from the brain.

The grey cells are repository of information. The data is stored in the neurons and permits the cells to interact with each other. The brain functionality involves updating synaptic connection, form new memories, strengthen the old memories and can even update the old ones. Now if the synapses are not activated often the old memories might become weak. For this reason people might forget the old memories. Scientists believe forgetting old memories is crucial to form new ones.

Scientists are exploring complications which riddle memory recalling and formation power. Sometimes brain is known to forget negative memories; this is considered as a defense tool for the body.