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Cheat Day From Keto Diet Likely To Harm Blood Vessels

People on a keto diet will have to forgo ‘cheat days’ if they want to prevent harm to their body. A study conducted in this context by the University of British Columbia in Okanagan, Canada disclosed that a sudden infusion of glucose into the body of individuals on a keto diet could lead to serious consequences.

The keto diet is normally followed for weight loss purposes and managing type 2 diabetes. The diet causes a decrease in the body weight besides lowering the levels of blood sugar in individuals with diabetes. How does this happen?

In a keto diet the body’s calorie requirements are satisfied to the maximum from fat and protein intake rather than from carbohydrates. When the individual’s daily carbohydrate intake drops below 50 grams the body tries to get its energy by breaking down the proteins and fat, which happens from the third or fourth day from the start of the diet.

The body’s determined efforts to utilize its stores of fat for getting the required energy help in losing weight and managing type 2 diabetes. But however, this diet does not favor individuals indulging in ‘cheat days’ unlike in various other diets as was found from the study.

The study’s findings indicated that the sudden infusion of glucose on ‘cheat days’ led to biomarkers in blood indicating damage to the walls of the blood vessels. The study included nine participants and lasted for a week wherein they were put on a low carb and high fat diet that is associated with keto diet. Additionally it involved ingestion of glucose drink prior to and post diet by the participants.

The alarming findings were a response of the body’s metabolism to the blood sugar spikes caused by the glucose drink. Researchers stated that more work was however, needed for verification of the results. Nevertheless the findings cautioned the followers of the keto diet to think twice before indulging in ‘cheat days’.